Stick Vacuums: The Pros amd Cons for Your Housecleaning

by admin - July 26, 2018

Whether it’s vacuuming the entire house or just spot checking, a lighter weight Hoover with proper attachments allows you to more gracefully handle the vacuum without the chore becoming a full workout! Here are the Pros and Cons we’ve discovered over the years:


1) Bagless – Love the ease of emptying dirt. And no need to continually buying and installing bags.
2) Portable – Cordless, thin, light weight (weight deserves it’s own Pro! – see below) and easy to store, stick vacuums are perfectly portable. Handing hard to reach places, no problem! Also great for quick spot checks such as you’re your adorable toddler topples over bowl of fish chips onto the living room carpet.
3) Light Weight – The primary advantage is light weight! Whether it’s vacuuming the entire house or just spot checking, being able to handle the vacuum without becoming a full workout makes for more an effortless chore. I specifically look for light weight when considering vacuums for my business. If only stick vacuums had more power…


1) Power – Stick vacuums tend to lack power. If you are vacuuming high traffic area you will want sufficient suction. Stick vacuums lack umph.
2) No Attachment Tools – Not only do you lose the weight, you lose convenient brushes and hoses for more specific tasks.

Pay more for a stick vacuum? Maybe but do your research first because price is not always indicative of being better. Sites such as Amazon offer great rating and customer feedback to discern quality. Surprisingly some of the most useful vacuums I have used at Dial A Maid were also the cheapest.

Stick vacuums are ideal for light cleaning and spot checking. They may be all you need for small homes and apartments. Less ideal for maintaining larger, trafficked homes and areas; you’ll want more of a work horse vacuum.

Either way, every home should have one.

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