Best Hygiene Tips in 2020: How Should I Clean My House During the Pandemic.

by dialamaid - November 5, 2020

Best Hygiene Tips in 2020: How Should I Clean My House During the

Months ago, seeing doorknobs, light switches, and countersurfaces fairly clean was enough to satisfy us. However, when the pandemic strikes every place in the world, people now are cautious to find out the best ways to keep every nook and cranny germs-free. According to the WHO, one of the most important recommendations to keep COVID-19 away from you and from your family is Hygiene. You have to take extra care of your personal hygiene and keep your house sanitized and disinfected as well. To simplify this job for you, we bring to you the best hygiene and cleaning tips in 2020:

1- It’s All About Your Hands

First of all, remember not to touch your face while cleaning home. From now on, it would be better to wear reusable gloves when cleaning your home. That will prevent germs transmission and reduce the infection possibility. Most importantly, you must wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially once you got home after being at any public place. Additionally, you need to follow the instructions that are recently issued by health organizations, for instance, ways to remove your mask and take off your shoes and clothes once you return to your home.

2-Use Spray Disinfectants

Surfaces are the most common things we touch during our day; imagine how many times you touch your doorknobs daily, or even how many people do that if you live with a family or you have friends usually come to your house. Also, contaminated surfaces pose a serious risk of COVID-19 spread so, it’s necessary to give them extra care of the cleaning. Therefore, the best way to clean surfaces, handles, knobs, and any other difficult-to-clean place is using spray disinfectant; they are easily and quickly applied to such places, cover large areas and also, very effective

3-Stop “This Bad-Habit.”

We are talking here about wiping floors and surfaces with cloths or rags! It is one of the easiest ways that might cause infection. These damp cloths are the most appropriate places for germs and microorganisms to thrive and spread infection. Therefore, the best thing to use is the disinfectant wipes.
Disinfectant wipes are adequate in cleaning most surfaces at home. Also, they are a convenient way to daily-frequent cleaning.

4-Hire A Professional House Cleaning Service Company

House cleaning service helps you to clean your home weekly or monthly perfectly, which turns your home into a safe and clean one. Besides that, hiring professional cleaning houses experts under the current circumstances reduces the transmission of COVID-19 risk and gives you the best-needed recommendations for your own home. Moreover, they can teach you outstanding cleaning hacks and tricks to use, so you can use them when cleaning your house next time.

5-Be Cautious About the Cleaning Products You Use

The ultimate purpose of using cleaning products is killing and removing bacteria, viruses, and other germs. In other words, you have to choose the “effective” cleaning product then you can look for other secondary features. Also, remember to double-check the duration of effectiveness for this product, the way you should use it, and other manufacturer’s warranty information. On other hand, too much of anything isn’t good, so avoid using harsh chemical cleaning products that cause allergy to you, or exacerbate medical problems you have. So, you have to choose an effective cleaning product but not the harsh one.

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